Floods can arise at any moment and can cause serious damages. Flood damage is so destructive, it can take a long time to fully repair and even a long time to find help when it occurs. Mold and mildew that can form after water damages can linger throughout your homes and businesses causing respiratory illnesses. It is dangerous for one to be in the area where the flood occurred and imperative for one to stay safe until help arrives. Some may walk into a flood but most are stuck in the middle of one. Flood insurance can only help so much thus you should take precautionary measures to get yourself through a flooded incident. At ru-prepared.com, we want to make sure you have the essentials needed to survive a flood. We provide items such as 5 day food packs, water pouches, portable stoves, stainless steel cups, flashlights, first aid kits, ponchos, and blankets that can help you keep warm, fed, and safe until help arrives.


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